Pandemic Relief

At first, it was a huge rush to get supplies to nurses, doctors, and everybody involved, the stock they needed.

There was little time, and we used every asset at our small company to reach out, see where the most help was needed, and make sure what we delivered made an actual difference.

As you can imagine, we were flooded with requests. We saw the need and listened to terrifying stories from the front lines. The only way we could manage helping was (and continue) to work directly with local and national agencies to get scrubs and lab coats to those in need.

Med Couture COVID-19 safety

Humbling Cooperation

We are blown away by the drive of healthcare heroes to help and serve others. It's entirely humbling to work close to you. We have brokered deals to bring in a continuous PPE supply and donate a usable fabric that can be made quickly into caps and masks.

Graphic for Med Couture warehouse in Farmers Branch TX

Going Forward

Your health and safety continue to be our top priority.

We are developing sustainable ways to help in the time of crisis. COVID-19 is far from over. If you or your unit is in severe need, please contact, and we will be happy to discuss how we may be able to help.